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10 year old still sleeps with mom?

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I just learned that my sister still has her 10 year old sleep with her. She said he is scared? and she cuts up his watermelon and takes the rind off?
Is this normal?
Dad has been out of equation for about 6 months.
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How many do you have in your immdiate family? First you bring up your brother now your sister. Is this something that your parents did with you?
diana1960 said:
what do you mean. 'what did my mother do to us'?
I certainly don't understand that comment.Please elaborate
What I meant is that my oldest daughter slept with me and now she has her two yr. sleep with them. Probably not forever but if I did it she doesn't see nothing wrong with her doing it. There is no Harm in my Question. If your mother allowed you kids to sleep with her then maybe your sister and brother see no harm in it either.
To be honest I think a 10 yr. old still sleeping with his mother is unhealthy.

As far as a mother feeding two I'm sure it can be done. I think this should be the mother's choice. I didn't breastfeed any of my children. My youngest daughter breastfed until the two boys were 18 months. My oldest daughter couldn't produce enough milk and had to switch to a bottle.
Alpaca Farmer said:
I know a woman who lets her 8 yr old son take a bath with her. That horrifies me!
I think once a child reaches the age of 4 it's time to start showing some privacy.
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