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10 year old still sleeps with mom?

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I just learned that my sister still has her 10 year old sleep with her. She said he is scared? and she cuts up his watermelon and takes the rind off?
Is this normal?
Dad has been out of equation for about 6 months.
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I would wonder why the parents sacrificed their intimacy/relationship to allow a child to sleep in the marital bed. It would suggest to me that the relationship was damaged and may be irretrievably breaking down. I also think that it is denying the child that wonderful secure "sovereign" feeling of having an exclusing safe sanctuary - of being in his/her "own bed".

I brought up 3 girls who each had their own room but knew that they could come to our room at any time if they needed to. I would then go back to the child's room and cuddle with them until they fell asleep and return to my own bed. There were rare times when perhaps one or other was unwell and wandered in to our room in the wee small hours and I took that child into our bed.

Outside of privacy in the marital relationship, I do not think it is a matter of general privacy. I sincerely believe that a natural modesty develops as the child reaches puberty and this should be the guide as to the degree of privacy between parent and child.
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