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14 Toast Recipes to Serve at Holiday Gatherings

Delicious, festive, and bite-sized, these mini toast and crostini recipes are perfect for sharing with a crowd. There's nothing better than supplementing good revelry with elevated snacks. Create a spread with multiple types, make the dips and ingredients ahead of time, and serve some of these great holiday toasts that are worth, well, toasting to.

1. 'NDUJA TOASTS WITH QUICK-PICKLED CELERY Store-bought 'nduja, the spicy, spreadable sausage, is transformed into a special canapé when served on toasted baguette and topped with a quick-pickled celery.
2. AVOCADO TOASTS WITH OAXACAN SESAME SAUCE Food writer and stylist Karen Gillingham makes this spicy, fragrant sauce inspired by a version she discovered at a hole-in-the-wall café in Mexico.
3. CHICKEN-LIVER-PÂTÉ TOASTS "Nothing is better for big-party entertaining than putting toppings on bread," says Tamar Adler. She and her brother, John, make the pâté by pureeing sautéed livers with onions, anchovies and Marsala, then blending them with crème fraîche until smooth and creamy.
4. CREAMED KALE TOASTS Instead of creamed spinach, try this luxurious creamed kale on crunchy toasts.
5. DEVILED EGG TOAST This twist on deviled eggs is Chef Missy Robbins' favorite way to get the salty, spicy, tangy filling all in one crunchy bite.
6. HERBED SCRAMBLED-EGG TOASTS WITH BOTTARGA "What's simpler, more affordable and more universally liked than an egg?" says Tamar Adler. Here, she cooks them with herbs and spoons them onto toasts with shaved bottarga.
7. MUSHROOM TOASTS WITH DÉLICE DE BOURGOGNE Triple créme cheese, an ultra-rich version of brie, is topped with pan-roasted mushrooms and herbs in this elevated appetizer.


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