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14 Toast Recipes to Serve at Holiday Gatherings

Delicious, festive, and bite-sized, these mini toast and crostini recipes are perfect for sharing with a crowd. There's nothing better than supplementing good revelry with elevated snacks. Create a spread with multiple types, make the dips and ingredients ahead of time, and serve some of these great holiday toasts that are worth, well, toasting to.

8. RICOTTA AND ROASTED GRAPE CROSTINI Designer and blogger Athena Calderone's signature aesthetic comes through in this striking appetizer. Roasting the grapes concentrates and deepens their sweetness.
9. SHRIMP TOASTS This super-savory party appetizer features pureed shrimp and crunchy sesame seeds, giving guests a uniquely textured bite they'll be sure to revisit throughout the evening.
10. SHRIMP TOASTS WITH SCALLION-CHILE SAUCE The secret to this semi-traditional dim sum favorite is a butter-studded shrimp mousse that comes together quickly in a food processor with just five ingredients.
11. SMOKED SALMON TOASTS WITH MUSTARD BUTTER Sour cream or cream cheese may be the usual spread with salty smoked salmon, but chef David Tanis thinks softened butter makes a tasty alternative. (Think of ham-and-butter sandwiches.) To give the butter a zippy bite, he stirs in lemon zest and both Dijon and grainy mustards.
12. SPICED-HAM-AND-CHEESE TOASTS The trick for keeping the toast crisp: Spread the ham topping on just before baking. This recipe makes more ham topping than you'll need for the 24 toasts.
13. TOMATILLO TOASTS WITH PROSCIUTTO AND MANCHEGO Inspired by classic pan con tomate, a Spanish dish of bread rubbed with fresh tomato, Justin Chapple tops crunchy toasted bread with tangy grated tomatillos. To round the toast out, he also adds thin slices of prosciutto and shaved Manchego cheese.
14. WHITE ANCHOVY TOASTS WITH PARSNIP BUTTER Boston chef Matt Jennings spreads creamy, rich parsnip butter on crunchy toasts, then tops them with tangy anchovies for an excellent hors d'oeuvre.


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