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59 Ridiculously Easy Cake Recipes for Beginners ~
Simply delicious (and deliciously simple) cake recipes you'll love. ~ by the Editors of Epicurious

Baking a cake from scratch might seem overwhelming, but with the right recipe it can actually be stress-free and fun. There are plenty of easy cake recipes that are straightforward and simple. Here, we've gathered up an all-star collection of easy cakes, including buttery pound cakes, 3-ingredient cakes, no-bake cheesecakes, classic Bundts, and so much more.

31. FRESH PINEAPPLE UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE Canned pineapple can be great, but when the fresh fruit is at its ripest, this classic cake is absolutely sublime.
32. GOOEY CHOCOLATE MICROWAVE MUG CAKE WITH CARAMEL SAUCE AND PEANUTS You don't need an electric mixer, cake stand, or oven to enjoy this decadent single serving of cake.
33. GRAPEFRUIT-POPPY SEED LOAF CAKE WITH YOGURT GLAZE A creamy yogurt glaze ups the tang factor of this loaf cake-and makes it totally suitable to serve for breakfast.
34. HERSHEY'S "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" CHOCOLATE CAKE This recipe makes decadent chocolate cake and delicious chocolate cupcakes. Don't skip the silky frosting, it's the best part!
35. HOMEMADE DUMP CAKE WITH PEACHES, BLUEBERRIES, AND PECANS The appeal of the "dump cake" is right there in the name: You just plop everything into a pan, throw it in the oven, and somehow wind up with a super-easy, fruit-forward crowd-pleaser of a dessert. The recipe Epi developed revolves around fresh and frozen fruit and our equally easy Homemade Yellow Cake Mix, but you're welcome to use store-bought if you prefer. ~ Homemade Yellow Cake Mix ~ Homemade Yellow Cake This cakes tastes like your favorite boxed yellow cake mix-only way better. Don't forget to slather with frosting for a special treat!
36. HOMEMADE YELLOW CAKE This simple cake tastes like your favorite boxed yellow cake mix-only way better. Don't forget to slather with frosting for a special treat!
37. HOT COCOA CAKE Serve it with tea in the afternoon, with whipped cream and berries for dessert, or with coffee the next morning-this versatile chocolatey cake is good all day long.
38. LEMON CAKE WITH FRUIT Inspired by Marian Burros's famous New York Times plum torte recipe, this cake works with a variety of fruits, from pears and apples to peaches and plums to fresh blackberries and blueberries. Plum Torte
39. LEMON CAKE WITH RASPBERRIES AND PISTACHIOS Choose a mild, not-too-peppery olive oil for this tender cake; something fruity will complement the lemony sweetness, but an assertively bitter oil will overwhelm.
40. LEMON-PISTACHIO LOAF Don't even think about lifting this cake out of the pan before it's completely-and we mean completely-cool. Because it's vegan, with no eggs for structure, its delicate crumb needs time to set.
41. MOCHI CAKE, ANY WAY YOU WANT IT Sweet rice flour makes this super-adaptable cake gooey-bouncy on the inside and crispy-chewy on the outside. Even better, this particular recipe can go in any flavor direction you want: Add cocoa, matcha, or malt powder; throw in some cinnamon, cardamom, or turmeric.
42. NO-BAKE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE This no-bake cheesecake is too pretty to eat (almost). Beat cream cheese with sugar, sour cream, and vanilla before folding in whipped cream. Scoop your mixture into a pie crust and let it chill in the fridge for four hours. Add the strawberries and the dessert is ready.
43. OLIVE OIL APPLE CAKE WITH SPICED SUGAR Choose your fruits wisely with this one: Gala and Golden Delicious apples will simply melt into the cake, whereas firmer apples, like Granny Smiths, give it a coarser texture. The grated apple and the olive oil contribute moisture to a dessert that features the warm, spicy notes of cardamom and ginger.
44. OLIVE OIL CAKE Even die-hard butter devotees admit that olive oil makes exceptionally good cakes. EVOO is liquid at room temperature, so it lends superior moisture over time. In fact, olive oil cake only improves the longer it sits-this dairy-free version will keep on your counter for days (not that it'll last that long).
45. ONE-BOWL MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE-CARAMEL FROSTING Use your favorite milk chocolate for this one: It's responsible for the rich, creamy flavor of both the cake and the frosting (where it partners perfectly with store-bought dulce de leche or caramel sauce).
46. ORANGE CHOCOLATE LOAF CAKE FROM FLORIDA Baking legend Maida Heatter picked this recipe up on a Florida orange grove, where it was served with-what else?-tall glasses of ice-cold OJ. With whipped cream in place of butter in the batter-and an orange-juice glaze applied after baking-it's a perfect afternoon snack.
47. ORANGE OLIVE OIL POUND CAKE This orange olive oil cake is so tasty that you'll find yourself baking it again and again. This simple cake recipe yields the moistest, richest, most flavorful pound cake you'll ever make.
48. ORANGE-SPICED RYE HONEY CAKE Cake that tastes like dessert but can be eaten for breakfast, midmorning tea, or an afternoon snack is just the sort of cake we love. This pastry is easy but elegant, combining the sweetness of honey, the richness of coffee, and the earthiness of rye flour.
49. POUND CAKE WITH BLUEBERRIES AND LAVENDER SYRUP We used dried lavender in this syrup because it gives the syrup a lovely pale hue. Fresh lavender won't lend the same color, but it does give the syrup a more powerful floral flavor.
50. RASPBERRY-LEMON ICEBOX CAKE Gingersnaps add a hint of spice to this cream cheese-enriched make-ahead summer classic.
51. RASPBERRY-RICOTTA CAKE This easy cake is the perfect landing place for fresh raspberries-or blackberries!-if they're in season, though frozen berries work just as well if they're not.
52. RED VELVET MUG CAKE There's a "natural" way to color your red velvet cake, and then there's this recipe-which doesn't think you should feel bad about a little food coloring. Or baking your cake in the microwave.
53. RHUBARB CUSTARD CAKE This easy cake batter requires no mixer and comes together in minutes. The final result is a rich, custardy cake that plays perfectly off the tart rhubarb topping.
54. SPICED CHAI BUNDT CAKE The essence of warm, fragrant flavor, this easy cake recipe from Donna Hay calls for both loose chai leaves and pumpkin pie spice. Everything mixes up in one bowl.
55. SUNSHINE CAKE Even in its simplicity, there's something about this buttery almond cake that just feels special. Baking it in a pie dish allows for you to serve it straight out of the vessel, whether for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack, accompanied by nothing but a steaming cup of coffee or tea.
56. SWANS DOWN 1-2-3-4 POUND CAKE As its name suggests, this classic pound cake recipe relies on an easy-to-remember formula: 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, and 4 eggs.
57. SWIRL SPICE CAKE This might look like a relative of coffee cake-but don't be fooled. The pecan streusel in this marbled loaf cake gets a complex punch of flavor from a savory-sweet spice blend that includes ground coffee, dried orange peel, cardamom, and fennel seeds.
58. TEXAS SHEET CAKE When time is tight and you need to throw something together for dessert, this easy cake recipe is the perfect crowd-pleaser. It's a large, thin layer of tender chocolate cake slathered with gooey chocolate frosting and sprinkled with toasted nuts. The frosting gets poured onto the cake when they are both still warm.
59. WHIPPED CREAM CAKE This cake, from baking deity Rose Levy Beranbaum, contains no butter per se, but the heavy cream provides plenty of butterfat, plus an unparalleled moistness. (And it can be used straight from the fridge-no softening required.)
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