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68 stitches total / 16 or 24 inch circular?

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Hi there!

Would appreciate some advice from ladies with more experience on circulars than I have. I was going to make this tote bag from the Lions Brand website:

I substituted yarn, so I have to drop down to a size 8 needle to get gauge. The total stitches to knit in the round will be 68 stitches. The instructions call for a 24 inch circular needle, but I'm thinking I would be better off dropping down to a 16 inch? I can't quite imagine the 68 stitches stretching that far over 24 inches ~~ or would they, given it's a loopy stretchy mesh tote bag?

This site agrees with me but then again, Lions Brand must know what they are doing or they would not still be around after 100 years!

What do you think? Thanks for yr input!
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I looked at the pattern and I don't think it makes much difference. The bottom of the bag, which is the tighter knit, is worked flat without joining.

The sides are started by picking up stitches around the bottom, then knit upwards. The sides are a lacy, open stitch, which will give them some stretch.

If you already have the 24" I wouldn't think you need to buy a shorter length. Since the bottom part is knit with 2 strands held together, it might be tough to get that thickness on the shorter needle.

I make kids hats in-the-round on circulars in worsted weight(4) that have 68 stitches at the lower brim. They fit on a 29" circular with no problem, and I use Magic Loop when I get to the top & start decreasing. The matching sweater has 136 stitches at the widest part, and it also fits on the 29" circulars without a problem. I'm not sure that chart is correct - it's probably an average number of stitches.
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