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I'm Madre (Mary) in Arvada - I've been reading Knitting Paradise for several weeks. Enjoy and admire the wonderful pictures of everyone's projects. I love handwork of all kinds. Started with embroidery at the age of 5, went on to sewing at 9 (because I wanted to make a 9 patch quilt like "Little House on the Prairie" ). Learned how to crochet to make a purse when I was 12. Tried knitting in there somewhere, but found I could crochet faster.

Then six years ago I became a dedicated quilter. Where I met my friend Chris and we went to learn to knit a couple years later. So I'm slowly gaining confidence with my knitting. I did knit a hat for my newborn niece that I was proud of. Would like to make myself socks. I have bought yarn and have patterns, but have be courageous enough to buy the needles. Although, I did by a sock loom. (Still in its box.)

I will keep plugging away at this knitting business until it feels good to do.

Take care and stitch daily...Madre
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