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Add on to my add on post!

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Three more projects that I had stashed!


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Your workmanship is awesome.


All are adorable!
Very pretty, nice work
Very very nice!
I really like your avatar. I only do Kids or baby sweaters. You do a beautiful job .
thank you for sharing great work!
knitsinfits, love your display to say nothing of what you are displaying. Love the little hoodies and the pink cardigan is so sweet.
I also love the avitar picture. I have been trying to find something to download and not having any luck. Could you tell me what site the avitar picture came from. I would like to see what else they have. Thanks.
Very clever props in all of your pictures! Along with the lovely work.
Great work. Can you tell me where you got the patterns from?
I love the way you present your projects they really enhance the colors. Beautiful work!!
knitsnfits said:
Three more projects that I had stashed!
two questions--first off, what's an avatar?
secondly, would you give us tips on taking pictures to show our work? I would never have thought of doing it like you did. Beautiful work!
An avatar is whatever graphic you use to represent yourself. The creative tips will have to come from the person with that great avatar. I was overlooked when it came to the distribution of creativity.
Knitsinfits-I love the pink sweater, is there pattern or website you can share?? Your work is well done!! M ^j^
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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