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You could "pick up" stitches with a crochet hook and slip them on your knitting needle........check youtube for details...then knit your border
I often add a crochet border and just start at a corner and go around in singles and then add a shell or picot border or whatever seems good

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Yes, you can add a border. My favourite is the knitted-on-afterward border from the Truly Tasha's Shawl. I've added it to many other items, not just that shawl. If you use a fine circular needle to pick up (not pick up and knit, just pick up) stitches along the edge of your shawl, you can then knit the edging onto those stitches one-by-one. You just have to fudge it as you turn corners; I usually work more than one border row for each of the three or four stitches before and after the corner - whatever seems to work best. It's not like you have to rip out hundreds of stitches to go back and adjust!

Have fun!
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