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I'm wondering if you can help me out with a project.
Working on an afghan (knit 60"x 46" ) worked in 3 separate vertical sections (two 8" section and one 30" section), in rib stitch (k2, p2).
Would like to join panels with crochet work for added interest.
Any suggestion is appreciated :)

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If it was mine I don't think I would - But then I would knit 2 big chunky cables and use them to join. :)

Hi I too am working on an afghan for my grandson to take to college when he starts in Aug. Mine is also made in panels and now after the fact I realized that I should have made more than one panel at a time. Mine is made up of big cables one going to the right and the other to the left. 48 stitches to instructions, why did I not make two 48 stitches at once rather than now having to sew 4 panels together and then I am making a white panel(other is kelly green) hopefully, if I can ever understand the instructions with his initials and the year he starts school. I wanted to make it 2016 but everyone talked me out of that in case he goes to school longer etc. I cannot wait to finish this one as I have to start another one to be ready for Aug. for another grandson who is going to Delaware and the first one to Binghampton. Busy, busy, but good busy. I am going to sew it normal, I think, unless I too crochet it together and I am really not a crocheter just a knitter, oh well. will see when I am done. wish me luck, luck to you.
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My favourite joining method for afghan strips or squares is the Flat Braid Join. I first found it mid-way down this page: I have since seen it on other websites and on YouTube.

She shows it on granny squares, but I've used it to join knitted squares with great success. I just had to work a round of single-crochet in order to have the right number of chains in which to join. It will never fall apart in use or the wash!
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