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350 g (12.32 oz) 875 m (957 yds)
60% acrylic, 15% alpaca, 15% wool, 10% polyester
13 st * 16 rows = 10 cm sq.
needles 2-6
hooks 2-4
1 skein needed for 1 long sleeve sweater (but I think it would be a size S / M one)

14.8 euro + shipping.

I read somewhere (on the forum, I suppose) that alpaca could be less allergenic than sheep wool, and I thought I'd give it a try. Here's how it goes: it was really soft to the skein, I did not have any negative feelings in my hands, but I had to put a facial mask the moment I got it out of the plastic bag. So... it is anything but hypoallergenic, at least for people with asthma like me, at least not this yarn. If someone is counting on this yarn being easier on the lungs you better pass on it. It is really soft and looks like it will be warm, but... not a yarn for asthmatics, alas.

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