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Ari's Scarf

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Just finished this one to send my older brother for his 50th birthday. I figured I needed to send something a little extra special since he's half a century old. I wrote in his card that when he wears it he should pretend it's a hug from me. At least he'll know he's loved.


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Hee,hee, Metrogirl! Now that sounds like something I'd do!!
Okay Jeannine, now you've really done it!!! :lol:
I've started knitting my grandson a scarf in boring k2,P3 and reverse side P2,K3, and now I wish I had started something nice, like yours. It would probably take me a year to do it, but at the rate I'm going on this one, it's gonna' be that long before he gets it anyway!! But nevertheless, I'm gonna steal your line about a hug from me when he wears it. He knows his Granny loves him anyway!

All kidding aside, Jeannine, that scarf is absolutely gorgeous!! You do fantastic work!! Best, Myra
1 - 2 of 161 Posts
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