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Ari's Scarf

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Just finished this one to send my older brother for his 50th birthday. I figured I needed to send something a little extra special since he's half a century old. I wrote in his card that when he wears it he should pretend it's a hug from me. At least he'll know he's loved.


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The scarf is so beautiful I too can see the love for your brother in the scarf. I too have a wonderful brother and would love to make him something this nice. I have looked and pondered on patterns and somehow they just didn't feel right. But this scarf does. Thank you for allowing us to see it.
Thank you Jeannine. Received your copy. Have printed it out and found the yarn still is for sale where you indicated. I am awaiting an email for combined shipping on a color of the brand from ebay. I want the oak color. I think this will be such a beautiful gift for my brother. He too cherishes hand made items of love. He was a wonderful floral designer, gardener. He also use to do all the decorating in their home. He also did the yearly plantings at our church for spring. He truly is gifted. And can he sing for the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. I will remember you and your family as well. God Bless.
Jeannine, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Since this has arisen I too have been searching and it appears this is a very old stitch.
I just found this pattern in a Japanese book online. I have ordered the book. Problem is it is written only in Japanese. They also have a free downloadable instructions for interpreting patterns. So who really owns the copyright?????? Here is a link to the book shop.
If you go to the link I have provided go to Japanese books then scroll down until you see the title:
New Style of Heirloom Knitting
Thia is so funny. While I was doing a search for this pattern I came across a site where you can get the 100th edition of Knitters Magazine in a digital download. So I became so excited about the magazine and loved the layout that I made a 2 yr subscription. As a result I corresponded to Sue in their contact address. Low and behold if you have a subscription to that magazine she will email you a copy from that magazine free of charge. She has sent me a copy of a pattern I wanted. So ladies heads up. If you have Knitters Magazine subscription go to their website and contact them.
What Jeannine has done with the pattern and knitted a scarf is making it her own. I have found several sites of people who have made claim to the pattern simply by only using parts of it. No where have I seen what Jeannine has done in this beautiful scarf. You rock Jeannine.
1 - 6 of 161 Posts
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