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Ari's Scarf

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Just finished this one to send my older brother for his 50th birthday. I figured I needed to send something a little extra special since he's half a century old. I wrote in his card that when he wears it he should pretend it's a hug from me. At least he'll know he's loved.


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I would definately feel loved if this was made for me.Your brother ls blessed to have you as a sister. Awesome!
The stitch us apparently called leaf and acorn or acorn and leaf. A history of it on a blog about a knit jacket called Red Oak is: " I discovered the oak leaf and acorn stitch pattern that gave Red Oak its name in a Japanese stitch book years ago, but I have since learned that it was designed by Julie Weisenberger and originally appeared on a square in the popular Great American Afghan in 1996." The blog is here:
The stitch is also mentioned in another blog here:
It may very well be that the stitch has been published in a freebie somewhere, which means it's available for one and all. It is a nice stitch and to satisfy my own curiosity, back to Google to see what I can see.
My heart was in the right place when I offered up the pattern for personal use so, if they do incarcerate me, I would hope that you would all chip in to bail me out or at least come visit. :0)
Jeannine, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Since this has arisen I too have been searching and it appears this is a very old stitch.
Love this scarf! I forgot to ask you for the pattern on my last response to your photo of the scarf. If possible could you post on this website or send directly to my email at: [email protected] Thanks, Phyllis
I purchased the personalized labels online but can't remember which website. There are many websites though and the following is just one example:
Wow, that is great. Lots of hard work!!
What a beautiful scarf! And what a lucky brother!! Glad to know he appreciates it.
Hi Jeannie,

I did not get a copy of it...can you please send? Thank you. By the way, I work for a Patent/Trademark/Copyright attorney. he said okay. :)

[email protected]
Your brother truly is blessed to have such a loving sister whom is so talented to have knitted such a beautiful intracited patterened muffler. I'm sure he will truly cherish it!
beautiful scarf--the intricate pattern is stunning--I would like to know if you would share the pattern---thanks
Jeanine, that scarf is totally fantastic. I'm glad you included the third picture. It really shows up the pattern. Did you have to follow a chart or was it written out for you?
This is a beautiful scarf, your brother is lucky to have a sister like you. I myself am currently working on a scarf for my newphew and hope he likes it.

Is there any chance you can share the pattern with me. I tried looking online but as you stated it's out of print and those I did found a little pricey.

Thank yu
That is one of the most beautiful knitting patterns I have ever seen and you did a fabulous gift with it! Absolutely stunning!

The name of my house in "Acorn Hill" snd I think having that afghan in it would be just wonderful. If you would be willing to send me the pattern I would be very gratful.
Thanks so much. [email protected],net
its GORGEOUS! am learning to knit lacy patterns, cables next, as they often seem to go together. . . I LOVE watching the pattern emerge.
I think we have to find a knitting copywrite lawyer to join this forum so that we could call on him/her when these questions come up. I must say I have been coming across conflicting opinions.
81 - 100 of 161 Posts
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