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I don't think that measuring before blocking would help you.

I have knit two Ashtons. The first I knit with sock yarn and followed the pattern, so I finished up with the shawlette. I just recently finished my second one, actually using Knitpicks Gloss like you. I decided that I wanted a full size shawl, and so did 7 repeats of chart 2 and then an extra repeat of rows 15-24 of chart 3.

I can't remember seeing this question on the KAL. The current KAL is open. The original one was closed due to size. However, check out this link:

This is for the current KAL, Ashton shawlette KAL #3.

lneighbors3 said:
CathyAnn said:
I didn't measure until after I blocked mine, and I did nine repeats because I was using a "heavy" lace weight yarn and didn't want it to be too skimpy. What kind of yarn are you using? A fingering weight?

BTW, there is the Ashton KAL. If you ask this question on there, you are more likely to get some answers more helpful than mine. Here's the KAL link:

Also, you could PM Dee. You'd get the best answer from her.
I am using Knitpicks Gloss fingering weight.

The Ashton KAL thread is closed and locked. I have, so far, been through, 67 pages of it and not seen an answer to this question.

But, thanks anyway.

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