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Aussie September 2012 Swap

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Thanks to 'Pansywhite' for a lovely parcel. Unfortunately son has my camera at TAFE (College) so am unable to post picture. Will do so as soon as he brings it home.

3 balls of baby yarn, lots of scrapbooking papers, MUSK lollies, card embellishment, 3D writing paper, mini shopping bag, keyring, jasmine-scented soap, purse pack tissues and a couple of postcards of Tasmania.

Thanks Pat. Lovely :thumbup: :-D
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Hello Jess and thank you so much for my beautiful swap parcel. I'm so lucky to have a beautiful scarf and 2 balls of yarn that are in my favourite colours-I'll be able to make something that I just love!
Glenn Miller is a favourite of mine, so I'll really enjoy listening to my new CD.
Thank you for the thoughtful extras which show all aspects of life in SA-it looks like a beautiful place.

Everything will be used and appreciated:)

Thank you again
Regards, Irene.


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