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Aussie September 2012 Swap

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Thanks to 'Pansywhite' for a lovely parcel. Unfortunately son has my camera at TAFE (College) so am unable to post picture. Will do so as soon as he brings it home.

3 balls of baby yarn, lots of scrapbooking papers, MUSK lollies, card embellishment, 3D writing paper, mini shopping bag, keyring, jasmine-scented soap, purse pack tissues and a couple of postcards of Tasmania.

Thanks Pat. Lovely :thumbup: :-D
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Glad you liked your swap have fun with all the goodies
You are very welcome hope you enjoy all your craft keep well will talk later
Thank you very much Christine I got my swap package today I will put up a photo later as I am Just about to go to out.I am also on Holiday in UK my husband told me about the package so I will get him to send the photo and then I will beable tp see as well.I am sure I will love all the goodies and I will keep in touch with you take care happy crafting.(Manji Brenda)
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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