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Baby blankets

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I love to knit. Here are a couple of baby blankets that I gave away.


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very nice ! and sweet of you to give them !
Beautiful work, the verigated one looks like one someone gave me to see if I could figure out how to finish it, the grandmother passed before it was finished, I have no pattern and am not good at trying to decided what to do, just happened upon this and hope you can help me with a pattern. Thanks
I love the weaved ribbon, nice touch!
wonderful work, love looking at finished products.
On the white one, please advise pattern number.
BEAUTIFUL!! Can we exchange patterns here??
Glad to see that someone else thought of putting through the eyelets. Pretty!
These are beautiful. Can you tell me what stitch you used on the blanket with the ribbon?
The ribbon is a very nice touch and makes the blanket seem more dressed up for church. Very nicely done.
very pretty. What stitch is the first one done in?
They are beautiful. Where can I get the pattern? Yolande
yolande said:
They are beautiful. Where can I get the pattern? Yolande
ooooooooo lovely. LOOOVE the blue one. I thought of putting ribbon in by blanket (shown in my box to left) but I couldn't get just the right size ribbon Prfect color- the one tied around it, but too wide. :( Your blankets look great!
I'd love the pattern for the blue one, it likes like the dishcloth pattern.
They look wonderful! Where did you find your patterns?
Love the ribbon, what a great using that same pattern in a varigated yarn in worsted weight for my I will have to find ribbon to contrast. Thanks for the great idea!!
Beautiful work. Love the ribbon on the edge of the blue one. I just finished a baby blanket and wish I had more friends having grandchildren so I would have an excuse to make another one! Please share the pattern.
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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