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Baby Shrug set

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I recently knitted this set for our daughter who will be having our first grandchild this summer. I had made both her and her sister full-sized (crocheted) bed spreads out of this Caron Simply Soft yarn and with what was left from this daughter's I made this set when she told us they are expecting. Hope to post more pictures of projects later. I'm liking this forum!


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how nice to have a dolman shape to the sleeve...i bet it's easier to dress a baby over other layers of clothing...very cute...
That is so cute!
Did you design it yourself or is there a pattern out there somewhere?
congratulations ! an exciting time and the outfit is adorable
Hi! The pattern is out there somewhere and I can find you a copy in my stash if you want. Thanks for looking. Judy
I would love a copy! I also will becoming a new Grandmother this summer!
I would also like a copy...dolman sleeves are rare! my email is [email protected]
adorable and congrats on the new arriving baby.

Central TX
Congratulations on the grandbaby! But...Uh-oh...You're about to get hooked! Just wait until you see how your heart swells when you see that precious little one in your Grandma creations. I predict there will be MANY more special items coming from Grandma's hands!!! Blessings.
The shrug set is just beautiful!!!!! Would you be able to give me the pattern or tell me where I can get it.


Would love this pattern if you can find it. Thanks.
That is such a nice little set. Your daughter will be pleased. Like Deemail, I like the dolman sleeves on the sweater.
nice work. Nice change of place using the dolman sleeve!
Darling!!!!! I would love to make these for our soon to be grand daughter, if you are sharing your pattern. Thanks
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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