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Baby Tuxedo

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When I saw this pattern a few years back I thought it was too cute not to make. Now that I have it, not sure what to do with it. Waiting for that special occasion when some couple who have the baby then get married in winter can use it. May not ever happen, who knows.
I looked it up and this pattern is no longer available online but I still have it on my computer so if you want it, let me know.


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thank you for the link! i don't know if i'll ever have a use for it, but it is so darling, i've got it in my knitting file now. too cute for words!
I have started knitting this a bit ago sweet
OMG that is so cute. Thanks for the link to the pattern. It would be cute to make.
Thank you for posting this picture. You did a really nice job on the sweater. I think I may try that for my grandson.
How adorable! You did a beautiful job. Thank you for the pattern. I have filed it away in hopes of a grandson someday. I think it would be the perfect outfit for the very auspicious occasion of his first birthday.
That is too cute for words! I would love to have that pattern
This is really great I wish I had thought of it when my grandson went to his uncles wedding.
Probably because I wasn't looking for it I came across a free online pattern for the "L'il Tux for Baby" - the picture is the same as the one you posted.

I may even make it for my grandson Max - almost 4 - twin to Charlie Jessica.

Good luck to one and all
OMG that is just toooo sweet. Thanks for posting the pic. I love it.
Thanks for the link. I plan on trying this even though I don't have anyone right now who could use it. I am thinking it would be nice for Christmas with a red tie.
I just love this.
Do you think this would make a good choice for a Christening
outfit for my 8th month old Grandson?

Thanks for the link:)
would love to the pattern please...thanks in advance send to [email protected]
thanks for the pattern tammy i appreciate it
Absolutely darling------I have copied the pattern----must find time to knit for my identical twin boys age one!! Maybe for Easter 2012------I love this forum---such sharing people!! God Bless M ^j^
Wow! That takes me back about 22 years. Just after our son was born his grandfather retired from the Ambulance company he had started in the 40's. I found a preemie tuxedo (one piece) at a baby store - not easy back then since preemie clothes were hard to find. I wish I had saved that little outfit. Now I can make the sweater for future grandsons or friends.

Thanks, :thumbup:
1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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