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One day Joe was walking on a back road and found a strange looking object. I was covered with dirt so he began to rub it with his shirt tail, when suddenly out popped a genie!! "Joe he said, you have three wishes before I must return to my lamp. Think and choose wisely."

After a moment Joe made his first wish "I want a Mercedes-Benz!" and "POOF" a brand new Mercedes sat beside him!

Another few moments and he said "OK, genie, now I want $10,000,000." Again "POOF" and $10 million appeared and filled his new car.

"Alright Joe, this is your last wish. Think and choose wisely"

Joe looked at the genie slyly and said "Ha, this is easy. I want my penis to be long enough to touch the ground when I stand up!" Another "POOF" and when Joe looked down he saw that his legs were now 3 inches long.
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