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Before there was food, there was...

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I started this loom project as a way to see how mixing two colors and different 'cast on' methods produces patterns. After changing patterns a few times, I realized the two colors mixed looked like dark and white CHOCOLATE; thus, the name of the project.


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Ooooh! Yum, love it.
Keep it out of the sun so it doesn't melt!
Great job and what a cute idea.
Thanks for sharing.
Very very nice ...
I am a fan!!! LOve chocolate too! Really pretty!
um, i don't know u but-can i have some.;]

emmm c h o c o l a t e.....
The colors are so realistic--chocolate--surely some candy company would like this idea for their logo. Carolyn
Is there a site where this pattern granddaughter thinks that chocolate is the "only" food group. Very nice work. :thumbup:
But how does it hold up to drool????? (great job!) jb
Thank you everyone for your kind words. This was totally unplanned. My Mom gave me a bunch of yarn she had in her closet, I picked these two colors and started looming. As I was going along, the two colors gave me the chocolate idea, so ... voila!
Very creative!
You're tempting all us chocoholics out here. What beautiful work!!!!
Super cute! Long live chocolate!
How fun and you won't even gain an ounce. That is really something, so different. Nice work.
martyr said:
Ooooh! Yum, love it.
hi martyr I also live in Munster but in Australia this forum is so good we are worlds apart and yet so close regards Aussieannie
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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