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Bernice 73 Pierrefonds,Qc Canada

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Hi right now I am trying to undo a large ball of yarn that
is so tangled, how this happens I have no idea, not me!!
my cat says not me, but whoever is to blame, I believe
that it does itself when not held in my hands.

I like knitting alot I am far more than a beginner, but
some times intermediate is to hard also, but I am willing
to try any new items. I like knitting for friends, for
friends's babies, I prefer fast outfits, that I can stay with.

I am so proud that my daughter has started to knit again
she had a water disaster in the basement and everything was destroyed, so I sent her a pattern,needles and
beginner's kit, and she made a scarf and now is on a vest.
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Welcome from Arkansas! Kittys love to mess up your stuff, thinking they are helping:) Their version never fits.....
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