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Binding off

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How can I get my bind off row to look like the cast on row. Can see a definite difference on knitted cowl scarf
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I use a size larger needle to bind off making it stretchier and will shape beter - usually matching the other end.

Donna Rae
my head isn't where it should be ladies. I often do a crochet cast ON when I want them to match when I want the bind off to match my cast on i back stitch cast off.

Sorry think I should go to bed - must be all the snow shoveling I ache too much to even knit.

If you do a cable cast on, you can do Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off (look in her Knitting Without Tears) and they will match.
Or you can do a long tail cast on and try Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off which will match quite nicely also (plus it will be surprisingly stretchy). This pair also works well for garter stitch.
Thanks Gracie, I wasn't familiar with the crochet cast on but I have it now will definitely try your method.
I know so many cast on and cast offs problem is I have no idea of what most of them are called or who invented them.

I really need to pay more attention I just don't seem to have the brain capacity remaining to store it all. :)

I guess we're all in that boat!

However, Jen's Amazingly stretchy Bind off was a new one on me. I needed a stretchy BO for a sideways garter stitch shawl I was making for my sister. That one came up on an internet search and saved the day, because my yarn was too delicate to use any type of sewn BO.
Try the knitted cast-off: knit 2 together, slip the new stitch from the right needle back onto the left needle, knit 2 together, repeat across the row.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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