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Yesterday was my shopping morning and my first port of call at the shopping centre was to my phone/internet provider customer service shop and I had such a very nice young fellow sort out my problem for me.

I had, the previous day, received an email from my provider advising me they were in the process of updating their clients particulars and that I could check my information and make any updates on-line.
They gave some direction as to how to do this but being me, it just didn't make sense so hence the shop visit.

After proving my identity, this young fellow proceeded to update my details and he made it look ever so easy so after he had completed this for me I thanked him for taking time to explain the procedure and for being patient with me and I left with a good feeling and that feeling got better when I found out that Peter was driving me home and you all know what fun Peter is.

That feeling changed later in the day when my daughter phoned me and informed me she had received a phone call at 11.30am from the home care provider who do my cleaning each fortnight checking as to why I wasn't home when their cleaning lady arrived!!

Fortunately my daughter knows my weekly 'programme' well and told the lady 'of course she's not home, this is her shopping morning and that I wouldn't be home until 12.30pm. and why were they coming at 11.30am instead of the regular booked time of 2.30pm'?
I said to my daughter that it, in a way, it was good they checked with her as to my wellbeing.

I was ready and waiting at 2.30pm for the cleaner to arrive and I'm still waiting!!
I phoned the provider and informed the lady on the other end of the phone as to why I was phoning and would she please check my details on their files - and yes, my cleaning is listed to be done from 2.30pm!!!
Needless to say I was not a 'happy Annie' at not having cleaning done - again!!

Oh well, I will be happy today as I am off for lunch with the 'ComLink' friends so have more laughter to look forward to and will come home feel good again.
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