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Bunny Patterns

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Anyone have an easy knitted bunny patterns can't do double pointed needles have ole arthur in hands.
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Thanks for sharing pattern I had found it but it takes dpn and I would like one you can do on straight needles because of the arthrists and my fingers, but appreciate you sending this one.
Kathy, I didn't check the pattern before I sent the link because I thought I remembered using straight needles to make the square and the ears, especially since I normally use dpns only to finish the crown of a hat when I can no longer use my shortest circular or for thumbs/fingers (I like seams even less than dpns). In re-reading the pattern, it still seems to me that it was written for flat (back and forth) knitting using only 2 needles. I hope someone else has what you're looking for. Anne
Go to Lion Brand Yarns. I clicked on Knitting patterns then did a search for bunnies. 13 patterns came up. Yes, some are for douple-pointed needles, but some aren't. I like the furry Pocket-Pet Bunny the best!
Thank you so much for trying to help me wasn't sure if I could do that pattern in straight needles or not though I have done some that way when they called dpns again thank you and happy knitting
Thank you so much for your help several interesting patterns there maybe I can do one of them.
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