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Burberry inspired cowl

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I too looked all over for this pattern and was so excited to see it! I found it extremely fun to make! And I took a knitting lesson to learn the "kitchener stitch".
I did make my own changes, but enjoy this very much!


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As a new member I missed the pattern for the Burberry inspired cowl. Is it still out there? I'd love to make it.
Oh my - that's just beautiful!!! I don't understand the kitchner stitch, must have a mental block. Thanks for sharing!!
Another beautiful project. Holy Wow you must knit fast or have alot of time for knitting. I envy those who have alot of time to knit.
This is just gorgeous! I love it and would love to wear it here in the northland.
The kitchener stitch is a little mind boggling when you first look at doing it. However, it becomes more understandable as you try it a few times. Basically, you have 2 sides and are working 2 stitches on each side. I have a mental mantra that goes knit/purl; purl/knit to keep my remembering the order of threading the needles. Try working with a youtube video which will take you through it slowly--you can always stop the video to check yourself, and of course, you can replay as often as you need.
cwood4813, Thanks for the Burberry inspired cowl pattern info. This will force me to learn to use a provisional cast-on and Kitchner stitch!
i have been shopping for a pattern for a cowl and i love the look of this one. the stitch looks great and i love the drape. thank you.
the woman at my yarn store, and who taught me the kitchener stitch, sells a "kitchener stitch" key chain!! with the patterne written on it, a tapestry needle insdie! its the shape of a sock, as you use the kitchener stitch to close the toe! It took me 2 hours to learn the stitch and close up 56 stitches!!! I have made 2 other cowls since, but haven't closed them up!! i need to be alone and have quiet in the house, and not be tired!!
i do love to knit! but i work full time-we own our own business, so 40 hours sometimes is done by wed!!! but after dinner, watching tv-jeopordy n wheel!! i knitt!! the cowl knits up very very quickly! i imagine once i really get the knack of the kitchener stitch, i could do 1 a night! we'll see!!
thank you for you wondeful comments!!
Yes having run my own 24/7 business for years I know what you mean. I stopped knitting/crocheting for years. All my creative and other energy was taken up and then some. I do love to knit/crochet in the quiet of my inner space wherever that might be. If in public, I like to plan a simple, non-thinking project to tote along. The kitchener stitch was one of those inner moment ones.
Would you mind indicating which changes you made to the original pattern? Yours looks taller (more stitches cast on?) and the cables look a bit more flattened. Thanks!
Love your Cowl scarf. I'm a new knitter and have started a cowl scarf with just knitting. Haven't decided how wide to make it and, as I don't have a pattern to follow am just winging it. How wide did you make your scarf? dwmknit
Love your Cowl scarf. I'm a new knitter and have started a cowl scarf with just knitting. Haven't decided how wide to make it and, as I don't have a pattern to follow am just winging it. How wide did you make your scarf? dwmknit
the picture is of it laying down, but the cables really are "bumpy" and not flat. I am still using 56 cast on, but not waitiing 10 rows to begin the cabling. and i do them much sooner in the different sections. there is only 5 sections, not 6. i have used 10.5 needles as well, not much of a difference. I feel the sooner starting the cables, it looks more rolling-and all different! I think using much more cast on, when wearing the cowl, you will lose the look of the cables-as it will be too scrunched over your neck! this one, I can lift on my head adn over my mouth as well if needed! or all around my neck, it itsn't too much either. just right as they say!
good luck and let me know if i can help!
Beautiful, I will have to do one for my sisters.
I checked out the link you gave us and....I like your's better. Very nice work.
cwood4816 said:
Dear LindaLu,

Here is the site for the burberry inspired cowl.
thx so much for the pattern going to hunt thru my stash tonight to see if i can find some colors to match the lining in my burberry raincoat....(please.....could NOT afford it....found it in a thrift store and grabbed it unceremoniously!!!) the cowl...
Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing.
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