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Buttons for knitting or crochet projects

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Has anyone out there had difficulty finding buttons for your baby sweater, hats, etc. for the little ones?

I recently completed baby bibs for a newborn, need 1/2" buttons, found some I had at home, but trying to buy buttons out there, is difficult!

All we have available here is a Walmart & they do have some, but was looking for special buttons, any ideas????

I looked on some sites, but how frustrating!

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Maybe online shopping? Google small buttons.
Craft stores like JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts, Michael's, A.C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby carry lots of buttons in all shapes and sizes. If you don't have any of these stores in your are, many of them sell online. Here's JoAnn's page:
Thanks guys, tried online, but typed in "sew on buttons" as it kept coming up with political pin on buttons, etc.

But will try again!
Thanks for the site, will try it too, was really interested in finding buttons for christening sets, small, round & maybe with a small cross on them, etc.

I have been "less than pleased" with the assortment of buttons available at retail locations lately!

In recent years I've resorted to cutting the buttons off of ANYTHING I'm going to discard and asking my son and wife to do the same (particularly off my grand daughters worn out clothes). I've also found some lovely buttons at yarn shops..where you buy by the piece..not as many as the button company THINKS you need!

Last year I made a waistcoat (vest) and bought the most beautiful hand made glass buttons I have ever a yarn shop!

Now I'm searching for Celtic buttons for two Celtic capes I'm working on! OY!
Perhaps you could make your own buttons by making bobble crochets instead of real ones?
Hi Marilyn, I have gone to ebay to buy buttons and found on there a supplier who was China based- had HEAPs of choices and styles- all with photos & measurements of diameters.. It did concern me so only ordered small amounts and WOW - they were EXACTLY as described and photographed.. all sent promptly and arrived AOK.
Check ebay. I once bought 20 pounds (yes, pounds) of buttons on ebay for about $10. I can usually find something to use in my button stash.
I have found nice buttons at the local fabric/quilt shop.
Charity shops as we call them in UK are a good bet for buttons.
I had the same problem, finding buttons to match. My Walmart has nothing. So I get all at Joanns Fabric, Although pricey.
I liked the idea of 20 pounds for $10 on Ebay. I know I spent $10 on a set for baby romper and sweater alone.
I will be checking that out.
My source for buttons is Jo-Ann's. You can try their website:
Good luck! :)
I have also had trouble finding nice, unique buttons. I will try Ebay. Also check out "supplies" at Good luck and thanks to everyone for their great ideas on this site!
Buttons are very exspencive to buy infact I have spent more on the buttons for a garment than the wool to knit it.
Joann Fabrics has a good selection. I recently got 6 for $6 for a baby sweater (cute little elephants). Prior to that I paid $20 for 6 button at a knitting store (little yellow ducks). Ridiculous.. since it cost more than the yarn for the baby sweater but I was pressed for time and had to do it. I'd be interested to know if there is a website for ordering tiny buttons.
I just did a search and found this website... It's all new to me but until you brought up the question I really hadn't thought about a web search. I'd be interested in knowing if any one has tried this or another site.
This site has specialty buttons very cheap -- I just ordered some and received them and I'm very happy with them. Groups of 20-30 buttons for $4.25.
Try ebay and type shank buttons into the search.
I buy buttons at the hobby stores - Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann's. They all have websites too.

The button aisles can render up some nice buttons for baby things, but I also look at the craft aisle buttons - they come in bags and sometimes have different styles of buttons in bags - usually with a theme.

For adults I often make buttons from polymer clay, but I never use them on baby or children's clothing since those dear little ones have a tendancy to eat them and clay is toxic if eaten.

The clay buttons I've made last for years. I have buttons that I made at least 7 years ago on a blouse (many of my blouses now have clay buttons) that has been washed numerous times. I'll have to remove the buttons soon and buy another blouse to put them on.


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What a neat website - thanks. Sometimes it is hard for me to get out to the hobby stores so this is a great resource.
DarcyCAG said:
This site has specialty buttons very cheap -- I just ordered some and received them and I'm very happy with them. Groups of 20-30 buttons for $4.25.
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