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Cabled Jumper

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Just took a photo of a tweed cable jumper that I have just finished.


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this is very chic ! i love the yarn you used !
Thanks, yes it is done in Sirdar double knitting, ladies on this site, wow me with your knitting.
SailorRae said: ladies on this site, wow me with your knitting.
:) Greetings from Ottawa, Il. I absolutely love your dress/jumper. You did beautiful work.

Many thanks :-D
Oh my, I love it. I don't have the shape anymore to wear something like that but would if I did.
Marion, WOW, that is magnificent!! I only wish...but those days are so far gone. Enjoy my dear!
wow what a great job!
Absolutely adorable! Would you mind sharing the pattern? Also, looking for a knee-length coat pattern for my 4y/o granddaughter. Nothing I have found in the usual places is what I have in mind. She had one that was like an empire waist, then fuller in the body. Thanks!
Gorgeous! I love the detail at the bottom.
Very very nice! my oldest daughter would just love it!
great job!!
Beautiful jumper and beautiful work.

Add a pair of leggings and there's going to be one sharply dressed young lady walking around...beautiful.
I'd love to know how to get the pattern also...
I'd love to know how to get the pattern also...
Really like that jumper. It reminds me of one of my favorite dress when I was teen that I sewed. Like it so much used the pattern for a couple more times. I agree, that will be a sharp dressed young lady.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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