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I am looking for different buffalo wool knitted sweater patterens...I have eagles, snowflakes and a few other but looking for more geometric design...anybody know where I can get more Indian sweater patterens or who sells them...I have not had any luck looking online
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Hi Cathie

Obviously you have worked with charts before. You know what size graph pages and squares etc you need for your project. Have you thought of taking pics of Native American carpet geometric designs and transferring them to your own charts?


If you got stuck I'd help you through a step at a time
only if you want to.
Mary has patterns for that particular style of garment. The were very popular in the 50's and 60's and are making a comeback of sorts. Mary Maxim sort of started the graphed pattern as I understand and they have several of the old patterns as well as a number of newer ones. You should be able to find what you're looking for there. I bought a pattern for a jacket that has a decidedly Native American pattern. Hope that helps. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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