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(((((((( How many colors are you using and how often are you changing colors? On thinkin' ......

If small quantities of yarn are needed and not very often but repeated now and again, YARN Bobbins are used, can be purchased or hand made.,or.&fp=ee7ae51cefa9981c

If you're doing something and need whole skeins, you can carry the yarn up the side, perhaps - depends on what you're making.........

Color work not needed too often can be carried across the back with the bobbin dangling until needed again then just swap either method...... If you have many colors to work with, this can get interesting! LOL!!

I think in that video there's the homemade version, also but I just use cardboard cut to small sizes and wind my yarn around them.

PattiNH said:
I haven't yet done a multi-color pattern because I am totally intimidated by trying to change colors. Is there anywhere anyone can point me for tips on doing this? I really want to move to this step - I mean, hey, I'm knitting socks so this shouldn't be that hard, right :)

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