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chemo cap

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Hello Ladies (and Gents),

I need some advice. My mom is going through chemo. She was told she would lose her hair in the next 2 weeks. She lives in San Diego where it is pretty warm. She is also on Morphine which makes her feel hot most of the time. I want to make her a hat. I am at a loss as to which fiber to use? Will Cotton or silk or bamboo hold its shape or will it be a sloppy mess. I bought some Ella Rae bamboo silk but it sheds insanely! I looked on Ravelry and lots of people complained about the shedding! I would so appreciate your advice!

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I could not keep scarves on my head - they just slid off. I went to the local motorcycle shop and bought several cotton do-rags. They were comforable in the summer. I could not stand to wear my wig - it was irritating. Other than that, I would suggest something soft and washable - maybe a cotton or linen blend. Cotton alone tends to grow as worn.
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