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chemo cap

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Hello Ladies (and Gents),

I need some advice. My mom is going through chemo. She was told she would lose her hair in the next 2 weeks. She lives in San Diego where it is pretty warm. She is also on Morphine which makes her feel hot most of the time. I want to make her a hat. I am at a loss as to which fiber to use? Will Cotton or silk or bamboo hold its shape or will it be a sloppy mess. I bought some Ella Rae bamboo silk but it sheds insanely! I looked on Ravelry and lots of people complained about the shedding! I would so appreciate your advice!

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I would buy your mom some beautiful scarfs and learn to tie them in all differnt ways. And have some knitted caps for when the fall weather gets here in a month or so.. I am sure San Diego is much warmer longer than most of the country but just so she feels better about her apperance.. while she is recouperating... getting out in the sunshine and fresh air even for a little bit each day will help her feel so much better...
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