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"Christian love in action". Two Beautiful crochet dress sets!

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These beautiful crochet dress sets were done as a gift for me by a very sweet dear friend in our sister congregation! For me to send to my two Great nieces in Oregon! .... As she knows how much I,ve been trying to knit & put together 3 baby layettes, despite scalding my hand, and both my husband & I coping with a real bad bouts Bronchitis, due to the awful pollution we had several weeks back! Plus having a flare up of pain in my neck & shoulders due to old injuries!.... This wonderful friend is also teaching me how to crochet! So hope I,ll be as good as her one day! Doesn't,t it do your heart good & uplift you when others show they care! I,m sure my Nephew & His wife will be more than delighted with these adorable outfits! And appreciate this loving act of kindness! I know the Two year old will have them on straight away! With baby one just being a few weeks old .... They,ll look so cute! Hope you don,t mind me sharing my joy! xx


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Looks like you are well on your way. Hope you and hubby are in better health.
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