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Circular Knitting - Circle Cast-on Help

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Am new to Knitting Paradise - was trying to "search" for my topic question, but couldn't find it... so...

I have been knitting (and crocheting for many years) and have been working on increasing my skill level. I am trying to figure out how to cast-on using straight dpns and can't figure it out. The pattern uses "8-stitch circle cast-on with 8 yarn-over increases every other round" - seems simple enough, but as I indicated I can't seem to get the hang of it. (I can't duplicate the cast-on method!) The directions are shown on p 47 of 'The Knitter's Handbook' . I would like to use this method for the top of a pill-box cap I am knitting.

Any suggestions or a site where i might find some help?

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try You tube videos! There are lots and lots of videos on all aspects of knitting from casting on, increasing, circular knitting, different techniques - everything!

That is not a hard cast on but don't have time to search my You tube favorites as I am late for work already. It's free and you can start an account and save the videos you want to your favorites list and even make multiple folders for different subjects.

Also try googling for knitting videos. There are several sites that have explanatory videos - free.

have fun and don't spend the whole evening looking at videos!
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