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Hello all,
I am thinking about investing in a circular needle set. Have any of you bought a set and then regretted it? My fear is picking one and then having the yarn snag on the area where the needle hooks onto the cable wire.
The only two sets I've seen are the:
Denise Interchangable
Harmony Wood Interchangable
Knit Picks Options
Plymuoth Bamboo Sister Set
Thanks everyone!

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Well as of yesterday I have four sets! My Harmony Woods arrived! I have the Boye, Denise, Hiya Hiya and now the Harmony Woods. I've had my Boye set the longest and have used that set without problems for many years, though I prefer wood or bamboo needles (straight and dpn's). The Denise are much better quality than the Boye and the Hiya Hiya's come in very small sizes so they serve a purpose too.

It really boils down to individual preference. What needle material do you prefer most?

The key to not having yarn snag on the connection point is to properly connect the tips to the cables. Both Boye and Harmony Woods use a screw in connection that needs to be tightened with a little "tool" they include in the kit. Denise sort of "pop" in.

If you have a yarn shop near you, stop in and visit, ask to see what they have. Handle the needles, see how they "feel".

I am going to send my old Boye set to my cousin out east. She's an avid knitter and is using a Boye set that her mother had (her mother is in her 80's) some pieces of the set are missing, so I'm going to send her mine.
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