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Circular needle length please?

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Firstly I have been using circulars for 'straight' knitting for some time and love them!
I have found a lovely sweater pattern on here (called Amused) which is knitted in the round and from top down (2 new areas for me)
It says 32" length needle on pattern but this is less than my ample chest!
How do I estimate needle length please.
Many thanks.
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A 'BIG THNK YOU' for all the above advice.
It all seems to make sense.
I hope to post a photo or 2 when completed.
AmyKnits said:
All of the above answers are correct for the question you asked. However, I took a look at the pattern you intend on making and it is a pretty challenging one. I only knit top down sweaters and they are a very different animal. I would highly suggest trying an easier one, first. Perhaps a five-hour baby sweater? There are loads of "easy" top down's on Ravelry and Knitting Pattern Central, etc. I love Knitting Pure and Simple patterns and they also have a seamless baby sweater for free on their site.

Even if you ARE an experienced knitter, you may want to try an easy or intermediate top down sweater for your first one because this is a new technique to you.

Just didn't want you to be discouraged with my "favorite" kind of knitting by picking an "experienced" pattern for your first top down project. JMHO.
Thats very sweet of you, but as a very seasoned knitter with a love of cables, I had to have a go at this.
just attatched side panels and all going very smoothly (so far!) stitches sit very nicely on circular.
Will post when its done. :thumbup:
funthreads623 said:
The yarn will make some difference...if it's a fine yarn, you can have more stitches on your needles; if it's a heavy yarn, less. I would encourage you to keep a close check (like every couple of rows) on your join of needles and cable, if they are interchangeable. If your needles are fixed, no worry. I have over 500 stitches now on a 40" Signature fixed and it is just fine. Good luck, and have FUN! and, please post a picture when finished. I think that you are brave and ambitious to take a jump up in your skills!! That's how we learn!
Its a chunky yarn and needles are fixed, thank you.
Loramarin said:
What a gorgeous sweater.It is knit on aran weight yarn which takes up more room on the needle than lighter weight. I usually use a 24 or 32 inch needle for most of my top down knitting up to size 40. However I always have another needle with a longer cord so I can try the project on as I go. I knit off half the sweater before taking off sleeves and again if shaping waist. This is where interchangables come in handy. If possible have more than one length cord. Also you will have a lot less stitches when you put your sleeves on Hold, so again two different cord lengths might be best.
Thank you for your input as well, I do have a shorter circular in same needle size.
Going to get a few more rows done while waiting for hubby to come home!
orcagrandma said:
Just an added thought if you ever knit a baby onesie in the round you can't use a larger circular than called for because it won't stretch. Made that mistake. Thought I could get by with a larger circular and was very wrong. It knitted from the top down as well and was raglan. But yes, for a sweater unless it is really bulky yarn you can get by with less circular than called for. Oh, I love your boxer. I had one that was simply gorgeous. He was from a champion winner. His name was Duke. They are so sweet.
Thank you for your info, I might be getting over-confident but sweater seems to be progressing nicely, and thank you for the compliments on my Charlie Brown, he is our 3rd boxer and still can't decide whether or not, to make him our last (I am no spring chicken!)
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