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Hi. I would like to knit a coocoon to go with the cupcake baby hat. I cannot seem to find something I can download with free instructons. Can anyone help me please?

Thank you, bjc
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Have you tried a general search for free pattern for knitted cocoon. It usually will turn up somemthing. If you can find the directions for the bottom you can make up your owwn pattern. :) Kaju
cast on 25 sts, work in st st for 27rows, pick up 25 sts down side, 25 sts across bottom, 25 sts uo opposite side for a total of 100 sts. You will get a square bottom for your cocoon.

Instruction is from "Fireside Favorites" purchased at


Attachments and I've done Bernat Baby Cakes Baby Cocoon Sack. Both are cute. good luck
I just finished this one for my future grandson. Cute and very easy. Pattern is free.

This is the link:

Hope you like it.
Try the lion brand site pattern section or one of the other yarn sites. They have plenty of free patterns to download
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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