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Comfy Knit Wristers fingerless mitts (K)

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As I've been going through my old photos looking for pictures to add to the new Gallery here on KP, I've come across quite a few pictures of projects that I had never posted either here or on Ravelry. I was a little befuddled as to the number of unposted projects I was finding until I realized that they were all primarily from pre-2011, before KP even existed. And even though I was a member of Ravelry for a couple of years already, I didn't post my first project on that site until October 2011. Given that I wasn't posting my work anywhere online at the time, it's kind of amazing that I even took photos at all. I think I was mainly just trying to document gifts I had made so I would know what I gave to whom.

Here is a group of fingerless mitts all made from the same pattern (Comfy Knit Wristers by Nazanin S. Fard). Since they are from more than a decade ago, I have no idea what most of the yarns were. You can find my notes about my modifications here. Thanks for looking! :)

Leg Purple Human body Textile Creative arts

Glove Leg Purple Textile Gesture

Azure Textile Finger Gesture Creative arts

Azure Textile Sleeve Gesture Creative arts

Hand Sleeve Gesture Finger Creative arts

Joint Outerwear Azure Textile Sleeve

Textile Creative arts Finger Sleeve Nail

Sleeve Gesture Grass Summer Street fashion

Hand Glove Green Textile Gesture

Sleeve Finger Creative arts Pink Headgear
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One for every day of the week....and then some. :)
Great job!!
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