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Instructions for Win 7.
Right Click on the Start Button.
Go to Properties and select the "Taskbar" Tab at the top.
Remove the Check Mark from "Auto-hide the task bar".

XP is pretty much the same as above.
If these instructions don't work, go to help and support and search for auto-hide task bar.
This answer assumes that it is the Menu Start Bar and Taskbar that keeps disappearing until you mouse over it. If that isn't the case, we will need a screen shot showing what the screen looks like without the items you mention.

If you press "alt-prnt scr" (the "ALT" key and the "Prt Scr" buttons at the same time, Print Screen, the button is usually near the top right of the keyboard) the system makes a silent copy of the screen. You can then use the Paste key to paste that copy into an open file, say an e-mail or a blank file created from the MS Paint Program.

You can then send that file as an attachment to an e-mail or upload the file as a picture to this website.

I would not mind receiving a Private Message if you need more help.

P.S. You can also accidentally move the Menu bar around the screen if you hold down the left click mouse button on it and move the mouse around the screen.

(I am not editing this any further.)
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