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crazy lace granny's baby blanket

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Beautiful soft colors.
Lucky baby
marilynv said:
I just got done this today. :)
just love it !!
This is a beautiful work of art. The colors are just so complimentary.
Good Job. Thanks for sharing.
Good evening,
This baby blanket is beautiful. I wish I could crochet better than I do. You did a beautiful job.
Wow, that is lovely! So comfy looking....:0)
beautiful! What/where is the pattern? Would love to do one of these! Blessings! kimberly
Great Job....I love the little bit of sparkle in the yarn. I did a white one a couple of yrs ago and it works up so nice.
This is beautiful! Love the colors. Soo pretty!
Beautiful and delicate and oh so soft looking. I think I'd love one for me!
Carol L.
thats just perfect i love it, great job!
marilynv said:
I just got done this today. :)
oh please! I am crazy about Granny squares. Where did you get this pattern? May I have a copy please?
thank you!
I love your baby afghan. How did you sew the squares? I try to avoid anything I have to sew especially an afghan. Last time I made granny square afghan it took me longer to sew than to crochet. Is there an easy way to sew??? the soft baby colors!!
Ann...I put mine together w/ a row of single crochet. I attached a pic of one that I finished. blessings! Kimberly


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How do you hide all the ends from the color changes?
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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