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Crocheting with beads

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How do I buy your She Beads and crochet with them?
Thank You.
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Do you know what size crochet hook? I've seen some really pretty beads, and saw articles listing size 6mm beads if adding to a knitting project but they've said the hole in the beads can vary.

StitchDesigner said:
It depends upon what you are crocheting. Crochet thread you can thread a needle strung with sewing thread with your beads, Knot the sewing thread onto the crochet cotton and slide the beads down as you need them. For yarn you will need a bead with a hold that will be larger that the yarn doubled. For lace weight and fingering weight use a 6/0 sized bead. When you have worked the stitch on which the bead goes. drop the stitch off the hook. Put a bead on a SMALL, STEEL crochet hook, pick the stitch back up with the steel hook and push the bead over the stitch. Transfer the stitch to the regular hook.
Thanks! I just bought a set that includes Size: 0.80mm / 0.90mm / 1.00mm so they should work. I looked it up and 12US=1mm

Thanks for the correction on the hole too. I got the information from a very popular knitting site, and I can't remember the name right now.

StitchDesigner said:
12-14 US steel hook. And the correct bead size for light yarn is 6/0, not 6 mm. The hole on 6/0 is a little larger.
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