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All are sold.

All items together for one price of $50 or buy them individually starting at $5.00

Here are some things that I made that are different than usual items. I have priced them for less than they cost to make.

Sold Images 1 , 2 , and 3 are string shawls that are a fabulous fashion accessory. Each one is made different and has strings of coordinating yarns that you pull through a loop and wear around your neck. You can do some funky things with the way you pull the yarn through as shown in the images.
$7.00 each plus shipping

Image 4 is an asymmetrical scarf made with Bamboo Blooms yarn thick and thin and a carry yarn.
$7.00 plus shipping.

Sold Image 5 is a shoulder cape with a handmade wooden button that fastens with a loop. Wool acrylic blend
$9.00 plus shipping

Image 6 is a shoulder cape with no fastener. Wool acrylic blend . Can include a button for $4.00
$5.00 plus shipping

Sold Image 7 is a shoulder cape dare to be different funky style
$7.00 plus shipping

Images 8 and 9 are a Challah scarf made with acrylic blend
$7 plus shipping

Image 10 is a white acrylic textured cowl
$5 plus shipping

Send PM or an email to me with zip so shipping costs can be calculated.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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