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dec in seed st

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I am knitting a hat on circular needles and i need to decrease. How do I do this and stay with pattern of K1 P1
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I made a waist coat last year that had panels of seed stitch where both decreasing and increasing took place. This needs to be done carefully so that you don't end up with a "ridge" of all knit stitches or purl stitches. If you have to decrease at the beginning of the row you may have to change the first stitches so that the rest of the row is in the seed stitch pattern and if doing so at the end of the row the same thing.

usually seed stitch rows begin and end with the Knit lets say a pattern calls for decreasing one stitch at the beginning and the end of a row...purl the first stitch, K the next 2 tog, continue the row then on the last 2 stitches k1,s1,psso, purl the last stitch. This way the decrease doesn't show or form a ridge.
the patterns says to do 7sts then ded across row next row work even next row do 6sts then ded across row this starts the crown of the hat i am working on
OK that makes sense. I just got home from work and it's almost 8pm...I suspect your pattern will form a sort of "swirl" through the decreases. I'll get back to you on it.
the easiest way is to dec 2 times right together, which puts you right back in pattern...
doing that is going to result in an "uneven" decrease, making for a very odd shaped crown. By decreasing evenly a "swirl" pattern of decreases will form on the crown. maintaining the seed stitch pattern between decreases and doing them evenly over each row/round will result in the nice even decrease needed to form the crown.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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