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Using sport weight yarn and a G,H or I crochet hook:
Ch 105 sts.
Work in afghan stitch as follows:
Row 1. Pull up a loop in the next 6 chains, skip 1 chain, pull up loop in next chain. YO and pull through 2 loops 7 times. (Should have 7 loops on hook plus original hook ch.)
Row 2. Pull up loops as for afghan stitch, then pull up a loop in the next stitch of chain. (Do not skip one ch but watch that you are not going into the skipped ch from the previous row, This will create a point when done.) Work back as in row 1.
Continue in this manner until 6 rows are made. (You should be at the right side of the piece.)
Sl st across and sl st in next chain. This is the start of the next diamond.
Continue to make blocks until 7 diamonds are complete. Join with a sl st--making sure the strip is not twisted.
Join next color at the top point of any diamond., Pull up loops in each of the 6 loops in first diamond then pull up loop in the side stitch of next diamond.
Continue with rows until 7 rows are finished.
Closing the top.
1. Sl st around, going into each loop and edge stitch. Ch 1 at top of each diamond
2+. Sc in each sl st with a joining between the next to last stitch on the diamond you are working on and the next diamond. (This decreases each triangle.)Continue around until piece is almost flat. Sc 2 together to close.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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