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Does anyone like Tunisian crochet?

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I'm wondering if it's worth it to learn how to learn tunisian crochet. What is the first step?
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fergablu2 said:
I enjoy it. There are variations including tunisian in the round and double ended crochet, both of which use double ended hooks. You can get bamboo sets of the double ended and tunisian hooks inexpensively on eBay. If you decide you want to proceed with larger projects, you can invest in swing hooks or interchangeable crochet hooks.

You can use any cross-stitch pattern to make a picture panel in tunisian crochet, since the tunisian simple stitch is practically square.

Here's a sampler afghan I made:
Love your afghan, fergablu, and your "supervisor" :D
He looks like my MercuryCat.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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