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Double Jacquard Baby Blanket.

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The following baby blanket was made on a Brother KH970.
Each individual rabbit was taken from the booklet "Bunnies" by Swanson Knits.
Brown Product Textile Sleeve Aqua

The small bunnies in the booklet are filled in (white/contrast colour) unfortunately the two larger bunnies were just the outline so I had to redo these to make them the same as the smaller ones.
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Thank you all for your nice comments. 馃槝
All your effort has definitely paid off, I think this is your nicest baby blanket ever. I'm sure they're really going to love it:)
Thanks Kate, mummy and daddy do like it so that makes me a happy bunny... pardon the pun. I really like the other different rabbit one I did years ago in pink and white and the one I did with the cat, butterfly and mouse...but as I say it's what the parents like that counts.

I don't know whether I told you the following....
I put each individual rabbit into my PPD then plotted the blanket as a one stitch pattern.
There were nine rabbits but you will see there is only eight rabbits on the blanket and a gap on the right side. The missing rabbit came about because I thought it needed to be looking the other way, turned it, but obviously didn't complete. Without noticing my mistake I downloaded the full blanket as the one stitch pattern into my Brother KH970 and knit it in Bird's Eye DJ so it wasn't until it was off the machine I noticed the missing rabbit. After tutting and swearing I said it was a naughty young Buck that saw a Doe in the next field so off it hopped.

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it disappeared and no one missed it. The blanket is adorable:) I really like seeing your baby blankets, really liked the one with the bunnies knit in blister stitch too.
Kate I tried knitting this one in Blister but for some unknown reason it wasn't having it so I gave up...something I very rarely do as I hate to be beaten.
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