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Six Sisters Stuff Recipes... ~
"Dump cakes"... ~ One of our favorite desserts to make - just dump all the ingredients into a bowl, give it a quick mix, and pour into a pan - or, if you feel adventurous, just dump and mix it right in the pan! These recipes are perfect for beginner cooks - or even more advanced cooks who want something quick and easy.
APPLE RASPBERRY DUMP CAKE... ~ If you are craving something sweet that can be ready in a matter of minutes, then this is the dessert for you.
The flavors of apple and raspberry perfectly complement each other.
ONE BOWL CHOCOLATE CAKE... ~ No extra dirty dishes here. Mix everything in one bowl, throw it in a pan and cook!
And . . . it's completely made from scratch.
PEACH COBBLER DUMP CAKE... ~ With only 4 ingredients, this recipe couldn't be any easier!
I like it best right out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream on top!
PUMPKIN DUMP CAKE... ~ Bring on fall!! :) Your mouth is going to be watering the whole time this is cooking.
It tastes even better than it smells!
SLOW COOKER APPLE COBBLER... ~ It literally takes 2 minutes to throw this in the slow cooker.
Let it cook for a few hours and you have an AMAZING apple cobbler ready to go!
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