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Earflap hats

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I am looking for chullo hat patterns, some times called earflap hats. I live in Florida and my grandaughters love these hats but I would love to find an "airy" or lighter pattern that they could wear in the spring too. These hats are getting so popular I am surprized that I can't even find patterns to buy. Thanks and hello to all my new friends.

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Hi, I found a nice and easy pattern for a Flagstone Earflap Hat on
I have 2 and 4 yr old grand sons, and I have knitted traditional beanie hats for them, with ribbing on the edge. I made my own ear flaps by picking up stitches over each ear and knitting a piece 2 1/2 in. X 2 1/2 in.+,( I did decrease a bit so the flap was wider at the top than the bottom) and added my own string ties as well.
Turned out very cute, and I am not an experienced knitter.
Funny thing though, the boys wear them with the strings hanging down,.... don't like them tied. Understood! also have earflap hat patterns. Good Luck! puddles
Check out these two sites:

Click on: Free Pattern Directory (on each site), scroll down to see different pattern listings. They have a "ton" of free patterns of all sorts. Am sure you'll find something you're searching for. :)
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