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Earn Money?

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There are some lovely pictures on this site of thing all you talented people have made. Is it possible to sell any of these things to make a little extra money? What kind of success have any of you had?
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I tend to knit with yarns that are on the pricier side, by the time I add the cost of the yarn and my time...forget it. The only people I see making money are using department store yarns and making "simple" items.
I agree with Courier. If I added up the hours it takes me to knit a scarf, the price would be astronomical! If you add the price of the yarn, it doesn't equal a reasonable price someone would pay, in my opinion.

Maybe in time I will speed up my knitting pace but for now I'm just making gifts and hope they are appreciated!

My girlfriend Bobi who is new to knitting, says all her friends and family are placing "orders" for hand-knit items. She asks them to pay for the yarn and will have it for them in a few months!
I do enjoy making things, especially baby items, for gifts and everyone seems to appreciate them. I just wondered if anyone had a little income from their projects. We could increase our stash then, right?
I agree, making items with pricier yarns and adding the time spent making them makes for a very expensive item. If you see the prices of items made that are out there they are near or over $100. Few people will want to buy that. I have made hats out of inexpensive yarns and sold those for the price of the yarn and mailing the items which I end up with a few dollars. If someone wants something nicer, I tell them to buy the yarn and then I set the price. Most people are agreeable but then there are those who want to pay nothing or nearly nothing for your time!
I have not sold any of my items, but do have several friends who like me to make them items. They will pick out and pay for the yarn, pattern and other supplies like buttons. I then knit whatever they want. Most of the time they will treat me to lunch in celebration of my finishing their item. Not really a money maker, but I get to feed my knitting addiction and get a "free" lunch to boot:)
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